Current Research Topics

Some highlights

Mapping Segregation and Conflict

Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I am using high resolution GPS tracking and PPGIS to examine the contestation and sharing of space amongst segregated communities in North Belfast.


Leh, India.

My Paper2GIS PPGIS software uses Computer Vision techniques to create self-digitising paper maps. Here it is applied to mapping landscape values in the Indian Himalaya.

Healthcare Provision

Gulu, Uganda.

I am undertaking mapping and analysis to design a distribution network the provision of prosthetic limbs to victims of conflict in Northern Uganda.

Paths of Desire

Lancaster, England.

I am experimenting with digital map design in order to determine the extent to which map design can influence route decision and engagement in mobile media.

Measuring Belief in Participatory Mapping

Northern Ireland, Australia.

I am currently examining in how levels of belief, plausibility and uncertainty can be applied to data collected in PPGIS projects, such as my Map-Me and Paper2GIS platforms in order to better understand the views of participants.

Schmidt Hammer Exposure Dating

UK, Ireland, Spain, India.

Schmidt Hammer Exposure Dating (SHED) is a low-cost, fast and easy to use method for dating granite rock surfaces. The method, along with free tools, is described at the SHED Earth website.

Open Source Software

Jonny maintains several open source software packages on GitHub

About Jonny

A Short Biography

Dr Jonny Huck is a Lecturer in Geographical Information Science at the University of Manchester, specialising in geospatial software development. He has a BSc with First Class Honours in Geography from the Lancaster University, a MSc with Distinction in Geographical Information Systems from the University of Leeds, and a PhD in Geographical Information Science from Lancaster University.

Jonny's areas of research interest include the representation of vague geographical entities in GIS, novel approaches to cartography, and the application of new technologies to geographical problems. Amongst other things, he maintains the freely available Map-Me, and Paper2GIS PPGIS platforms.

Prior to moving to academia, Jonny was the Technical Manager of a UK Wind Farm developer. He continues to operate his GIS consultancy Lune Geographic as well as maintaining business interests and partnerships in a variety of environmental companies, notably Roy Ferguson Consultancy Ltd. Jonny is a fellow of Furness College at Lancaster University.

Jonny is the Lead of the Mapping: Culture and GIScience research group and GIS Lead for the interdisciplinary Digital Humanities group at the University of Manchester. He is a member of the GIS Research UK (GISRUK) National Steering Committee and was chair of the 25th GISRUK Conference, held on 18th-21st April 2017 at The University of Manchester.