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Jonny Huck is a Senior Lecturer in Geographical Information Science in the Department of Geography at the University of Manchester. He has a BSc with First Class Honours in Geography from the Lancaster University, a MSc with Distinction in Geographical Information Systems from the University of Leeds, and a PhD in Geographical Information Science from Lancaster University. Jonny is a computational geographer, his research is principally focused on the creation of novel methods in GIS, which he applies to a range of environmental, urban and global health applications.

Jonny maintains the freely available Map-Me and Paper2GIS Participatory GIS platforms, alongside a wide selection of open source software available on GitHub. Prior to moving to academia, Jonny was the Technical Manager of a UK Wind Farm developer. He continues to operate his GIS consultancy Lune Geographic Ltd, in which he provides GIS software and solutions to clients in a variety of industries. Jonny was honoured with a fellowship of Furness College at Lancaster University in 2016 and an honorary Chair in Geographical Information Science at Gulu University, Uganda in 2019. In 2017, he founded, a humanitarian mapping organisation that seeks to map remote and rural locations in reponse to chronic humanitarian crises.

Jonny is the former Director of Social Responsibility at the School of Environment, Education and Development and was the founder of the MCGIS research group, both at the University of Manchester. He is Chair of the GIS Research UK (GISRUK) National Steering Committee, having previously chaired the 25th GISRUK Conference, held in 2017 at The University of Manchester; and is a member of the Editorial Board of Transactions in GIS. He has won three prestigeous "Making a Difference" Awards from the University of Manchester: in 2018 for his Community Mapping Uganda project, in 2021 for his work on protecting Kenyan communities against COVID-19, and in 2022 for his work with primary schools in Greater Manchester.


This Permutation Test Tool can be used to compare hypotheses about two samples.

Here are some free resources about Participatory GIS that I created for the Methods for Change project, they provide a brief overview of the approach (aimed at non-academics) as well as a guide to creating a PGIS survey using Map-Me.

Selected Publications

A more comprehensive list of publications is available here.

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